Watch This Time-Lapse Video Of A Musician Singing To His Child As It Grows In The Womb

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher's time-lapse music video has an edge because it shows their baby gestating.

The thing about time-lapse pregnancy videos is that you already know the ending. At least it's a happy ending, though! In the latest of these to hit the Internet, not only does a baby come to term, but since the father is a musician, so does a sweet new tune.

English musician from the band McFly wanted to mark the occasion of his wife Giovanna's pregnancy in a special and creative way. Thus began the project of creating "From Bump to Buzz," a time-lapse video of Giovanna's pre-natal journey, scored by a song called "Something New." Shot in black and white, the video starts with a flat-stomached Giovanna walking across their living room to stand across from her husband. Over the next three minutes, we watch as nature works its course on the mom-to-be, with a new picture every day presented in stop-motion.

Giovanna's hair changes in nearly each frame, but she wears the same sweatpants and sports bra throughout, creating the illusion that the entire pregnancy is unfolding during the length of this song. Her husband, meanwhile, is filmed in a regular video across from her, a contrast to the choppy stop-motion editing. If you're wondering why the video is called “From Bump to Buzz," though, it's because the very recently born baby is named Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher. Aww!

Watch another video the lovebirds created together below.

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