Wear Your Favorite Literary Classics With These Book Brooches

If ever you wanted a raven-shaped brooch made from pages of The Raven, now is the time to put a hat on your head, and then hold onto it.

One of the scariest aspects of a future without physical books is the idea of walking into apartments completely devoid of shelves teeming with paperbacks and hardcovers. Seeing a person's favorite books has always been a quick way to discover some common literary ground, and also feel out this person's interests. Thankfully, there is a line of jewelry that telegraphs a person's taste in letters, without getting anywhere near book jacket dust.

London-based artist Sarah Pounder has been creating reclaimed wood brooches covered by actual pages of classic novels--and selling them on her Etsy outlet, House of Ismay. Each of these pieces features either familiar character names or well-known quotes from the book at hand, but these aren't the only hints at their origin. Pounder also shapes the decorative pins into forms that correspond to the books' themes--a calabash pipe for Sherlock Holmes, a horse's head for Black Beauty (and not The Godfather)--and lacquers the pages on with varnish.

Sure, there are other wearable ways to show off your favorite tomes, like those Great Gatsby shirts that were everywhere for a while, but a lot of hard-core readers tend to have a greater appreciation for the art of subtlety.

Have a look at more of these pieces in the slides above.

H/t to My Modern Met

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