Warhol Miner, 2010

Kandinsky Robocop, 2010

Windows 7 Rolls-Royce, 2010

Theo van Doesburg Plane Crash, 2010

Jasper Johns Oval Office, 2010

Hans Hoffman Kitchen, 2013

Keith Haring Theatre, 2013

Van Vogh Volkswagen Bus, 2010

Chuck Close Bathroom, 2010

Murakami Godzilla attacks On Kawara Tokyo, 2011

Monet USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Bridge, 2013

Duchamp Seinfeld Set, 2013

Tanguy Sushi Dinner, 2013

Auerbach Train, 2013

El Lissitzky Cadillac Fleetwood, 2010

Matisse Boy’s Room, 2011

Man Ray RQ-1 Predator Drone, 2011

Picasso Everybody Loves Raymond, 2013

Rosenquist Jeopardy, 2013

Twombly Classroom, 2013

Lichtenstein Moe’s Tavern, 2013

Rousseau Study, 2013

Basquiat Classroom, 2013

De Kooning Hallway, 2013

Picasso Bed ‘N Breakfast, 2013

Franz Kline Operating Room, 2013

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See The USS Enterprise As A Monet In This Series That Turns Rooms Into Famous Paintings

Montreal-based digital artist Jon Rafman turns entire rooms into famous works of art, flooding every surface with a blanket of paintings.

Some people say that art is all around us. If you could somehow get inside the rooms depicted in Brand New Paint Job, this maxim would prove undeniably true.

Created by Montreal-based digital artist Jon Rafman, the new project turns entire rooms into famous works of art, flooding every wall, desk, and down comforter with trace elements of Jasper Johns or Jean-Michel Basquiat. Rafman uses 3-D models cribbed from online gallery Google 3-D Warehouse, and wraps paintings around them entirely. The effect is somewhat similar to what we've seen with projection mapping only here the imagery seems fully integrated with the projected area rather than dancing on top of the surface.

In addition to splashing rooms with famous paintings, Rafman also slathers art onto of vehicles and pop culture detritus, like a life-size statue of RoboCop or the starship Enterprise from Star Trek.

Although the project lives online, photos of the various rooms slathered in works by Francis Bacon, Marc Chagall, and others are on display at The Armory Show in New York from March 6 to March 9. Perhaps being surrounded by many images of these rooms will feel as though you're walking around inside of one.

Have a look through more from Brand New Paint Job in the slides above.

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