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Glossy Women's Magazines Remind Us Some Girls And Women Are Living In Hell

Dazzling bridal gowns—now for ages seven to 12!

This year, 14 million young girls will be married against their will and nearly 1 million girls will be sold into slavery. To commemorate International Women's Day on March 8, the women's rights organization Catapult demonstrates that these aren't stats but human lives.

Its campaign, "Cover Stories" includes three faux magazine covers that tell the disturbing stories of modern day slavery. Child Bride Magazine features articles like "Exercise Secrets: You Can Get In Shape for Giving Birth at 14!" Good Slavekeeping features a piece called "35 Days to Train the Perfect Slave." Sure these covers will make you think twice the next time you pick up Good Housekeeping or Brides, but will they inspire you to take action? Visit to see what you can do.

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  • Hamed Ross

    Always nice to read western hypocrisy whether it is Sec. Kerry chiding the Russians for invading countries on false pretenses or the American obsession with Women's rights in Islam which of course needs to be disconnected from the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths caused by the American invasions. Are Muslim women somehow immune to western bullets and bombs? So we want Islam to respect women's rights so we can slaughter them ourselves? What exactly is it we are preaching? Such BS....really. It is embarrassing.

  • Hamed, both American foreign aggression and child abuse are disgusting human behaviours that must stop. They are separate problems that have separate solutions, please don't attempt to excuse one by pointing at the other.

  • Hamed Ross

    I am surprised to hear you say we should solve other culture's problems. Maybe we should work on our own problems instead of stereotyping other cultures....We can start with gun violence.