Bronze: Guinness "Twins"

While Guinness isn't a sponsor of the Olympics, the beer brand and BBDO New York were able to sneak this gem under the wire by posting it just days before the Olympic advertising blackout, when only official sponsors can use the Games as a promotional vehicle. It's just an image of twin biathletes Tracy and Lanny Barnes with a dramatic score, while onscreen text tells the story of how Tracy gave her place on the U.S. Olympic Team to Lanny, who was too ill to compete in qualifiers. A great story, simply told.

Bronze: Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion "Luge"

There have been an admirable number of efforts around these Olympics to raise awareness about and protest Russian policy on same-sex relationships--some weirder than others. But this one for CIDI by Rethink Canada struck a tone that would make just about anyone smile. Except maybe two-man lugers.

SILVER: Canadian Paralympic Committee "#WHATSTHERE"

Instead of dwelling on how the Paralympics differ from the Olympics, this spot from the Canadian Paralympic Committee and BBDO Toronto instead focuses on the similarities between the competing athletes, namely strength, skill and commitment to cause.

Silver: Molson "Beer Fridge"

Even though we first saw it more than six months ago, the idea of free beer never gets old. Last summer the Canadian brand took the beer fridge on a European tour where it could only be opened with a Canadian passport. A brilliant idea and one that translates to Sochi perfectly. The fridge's appearance at the games was covered by media outlets around the globe.

GOLD: P&G "Thank You, Mom: Pick Them Back Up"

Man, P&G and Wieden + Kennedy Portland really know how to hit the heart. Sports and moms, people. Sports and moms. They did for the 2012 London Summer Games and came back for the repeat in winter. The company also created an online profile series and NBC broadcast special called "How To Raise An Olympian."

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Top 5 Ads Of The Week: The Medal-Winning Olympics Commercials

Moms, twin sisters, Paralympians, a beer fridge, and a little bit of gay fight for the gold, silver, and bronze of ads for the five-ring sports circus so far.

As collective viewing experiences go, it's tough to beat two full weeks of patriotic competitive sport. Sure, people may be less likely to DVR a snowboarding or figure skating final than a new episode of True Detective, but perhaps even more important to advertisers is how heavily the Olympics rely on story to connect with people. No one watches speed skating on a regular basis between Olympiads, but give us a speed skater with a compelling story and that formerly anonymous athlete will have millions of fans cheering them on. You've met the Dufour-Lapointe sisters by now, right?

While they've been riddled with issues ranging from Russia's stance on human rights to weather and doors, so far, the 2014 Sochi Games have beat NBC's expectations for viewer ratings in the U.S. (even despite Bob Costas's poison eye in HD), and viewership on digital platforms is up 54% compared with the Vancouver Games. That's been one upside for advertisers who have reached out to every kind of Olympic viewer across platforms—and even got help from enterprising fans: see the unofficial Audi ad that takes a shot at Sochi's opening ceremony glitch.

On the legit side of things, P&G has its tearjerker tribute to Mom on TV, while others like the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Guinness and the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI) have made their biggest impact online. Then there's the earned media juggernaut that is Molson's beer fridge.

Which ones are the medal winners? Find out in the gallery above.

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