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Satisfy Your "Game Of Thrones" Lust With Art From The "Winter Is Coming " Exhibit

If HBO's 15-minute featurette got you excited for Season 4, this might melt your eyeballs.

As high anticipation goes, for many fans of HBO's Game of Thrones the wait for the April 6th start of the series's fourth season ranks somewhere between the birth of their first child and the first time they passed Level 30. When the network released a 15-minute featurette, filled with hints and glimpses at the epic's latest televised chapter is only reminded the rest of us how much we're looking forward to it all—and how far away the first week of April feels.

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Beyond re-watching past seasons and re-reading the books, there's now another way to get a GoT fix. You just have to go to Seattle to get it. On March 1st, the LTD Gallery will launch "Winter is Coming," an entire art show comprised of works inspired by the series of fantasy novels. Not only that, but the gallery has teamed up with the author himself—George R.R. Martin—for the show. The exhibition will run until March 23rd, then also make an appearance at the Emerald City Comicon.

Seriously, that "King of Summer's End" would look awesome above your couch.

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