Seattle Seahawks. Toydaria, Wattos.

Green Bay Packers. Nal Hutta, Hutts.

Miami Dolphins. Rodia, Greedos.

New England Patriots. Coruscant, Jedis.

Buffalo Bills. Tatooine, Banthas.

Jacksonville Jaguars. Kashyyyk, Wookies.

Baltimore Ravens. Mygeeto,Siths.

Detroit Lions. Dathomir, Rancors.

Cincinnati Bengals. Iridonia, Zabraks.

Kansas City Chiefs. Endor, Ewoks.

Dallas Cowboys. Yavin, Rebels.

New York Giants. Kuat, Walkers.

Chicago Bears. Hoth, The Wampas.

San Francisco 49ers. Geonosis, B1's.

Indianapolis Colts. Mos Eisley, Troopers.

Atlanta Falcons. Ryloth, Interceptors.

Washington. Naboo, Gungans.

Minnesota Vikings. Shili, Togrutas.

Arizona Cardinals. Yinchorr, Royal Guards.

Philadelphia Eagles. Dagobah, Yodas.

Carolina Panthers. Malastare, Dugs.

San Diego Chargers. Dorin, Lightsabers.

Pittsburgh Steelers. Ryloth, Droidekas.

Oakland Raiders. Coruscant, Vaders.

St. Louis Rams. Ryloth, Twileks.

Tennessee Titans. Dxun, Mandalorians.

Cleveland Browns. Raxus Prime, Jawas.

Tampa Bay Bucs. Tatooine, Tuskenraiders.

Houston Texans. Ylesia, Reeks.

Denver Broncos. Hoth, Tauntauns.

New Orleans Saints. Affa, Androids.

New York Jets. Yavin 4, X Wings.

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See Every NFL Team's Helmet Re-Imagined "Star Wars" Style

Congratulations to the victorious Toydaria Wattos!

The NFL season ended last night not with a bang, but a whimper, as the Toydaria Wattos steamrolled Peyton Manning's Hoth Tauntauns on their way to victory. Or, at least, that's how it would have gone in the imagination of John Raya, a designer who lovingly reimagined every NFL team's logo and helmet on his way to re-branding them all for the Star Wars universe.

The project maintains each team's color scheme and basic visual identity: the Denver Broncos, for example, became the Tauntaun Hoths by keeping the left side of the team's horse-logo head, while replacing the face with that of the frigid beasts of the Star Wars ice planet, while the Wattos take the visual tone of the Seahawks' totem bird and replace it with The Phantom Menace's greedy shopowner.

Some of the helmet redesigns required little change: The Minnesota Vikings became the Shili Togrutas—named for a blink-and-you'll-miss-'em species that appeared in Attack of the Clones—merely by adding some shading to the horns. Others, like the Ryloth Interceptors, barely resemble the Atlanta Falcons on which they're based. In either case, though, poring over the images should help pass the time for the specific type of nerd whose Venn-diagram of interests includes both professional football and Star Wars until the start of next year's NFL season, which'll in turn bring us five months closer to Star Wars: Episode VII.

See your new favorite teams in the gallery above.

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  • It was such a cool concept, and then of course you had to screw it all up by typing the names of all the real mascots, while blatantly omitting one. Shame on you.

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  • my classmate's ex-wife makes $77 every hour on the internet . She has been without a job for six months but last month her pay was $20788 just working on the internet for a few hours. hop over to here

  • Ayden James Ryken

    So does Seattle, but no, he had to go and go with the Wattos... Someone was Pissy Seattle won against Denver, lol

  • Kyler Killmer

    There are a few broken links when looking through as with certain helmets, they don't slide over to the helmet, instead it goes to an inbetween section.

  • I think people have a lot of time on their hands but my team would be lightsabers, although I would be tempted to back the Mandalorians. Love Boba Fett so that's a no brainer

  • Jason Solomon

    Very impressive, but I gotta say you did the Seahawks a lil dirty with watto. :}

    A streaking top view Millennium Falcon would have worked too!!