Cheerios Brings Back Multiracial Family For First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

The brand embraces modern family again in a big game rebuke of controversial online commenters.

Last spring, Cheerios launched a new commercial featuring a typically beautiful family with a touching little story that tugged at your heartstrings. On the surface, pretty much the least controversial ad concept ever created. Except that the family in question just happened to have a white mom, a black dad and a multiracial daughter. And even though it was 2013, those facts alone sparked hateful, racist YouTube comments that then sparked a backlash against hateful, racist commenters.

Now, in what will undoubtedly be seen as a very public rebuke of those earlier haters, Cheerios brings the popular family back for the brand's first-ever Super Bowl spot. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, we again meet little Gracie at the breakfast table, this time with her dad. The wee one manages to turn a discussion of an impending addition to the family into a negotiation.

On the General Mills blog, the company's vice president of marketing for Big G cereals Camille Gibson said, "Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments with a family that America fell in love with. The brand is at its best when it reveals moving insights about what connects us to each other, especially as families, and often through the lens of a child. The ad quietly celebrates the emotional sharing and simple joys we find when spending just a few simple moments together every day."

Obviously the notoriety of the first ad will make the sequel a buzz worthy part of the big game, which is what most brands are paying $4 million for in the first place. But even on its own, the spot has enough sweetness and subtle humor to stand on its own.

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  • Sharlene Janish

    This is is beautiful commercial!!! I LOVE seeing things FINALLY on TV, that have a real-life human theme. Its about LOVE and only LOVE. Life is much better with it!! So share your life,contribute to society and help heal this awful world. What the world needs now, is love sweet love..Love is all there is!

  • You know, if no one mentioned they were mixed race, I honestly wouldn't have noticed. Then again, as someone in a mixed race relationship, it's a little sad that in 2014 the thought of a mixed race family is treated as something worth calling out. Let alone objecting to.

  • Elaine Zimmermann

    I loved this commercial from the first time it aired. I didn't even realize there was any racial diversity to it. I actually got what it was about. too often I watch commercials and at the end have to ask " what was that for?" I rarely notice race anymore and anyone who makes racially negative comments needs to move on and grow up. I hope to see this girl in many more commercials and hope she makes it big. Way to go cherrios and the production company.