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Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits A Gold's Gym And Gives Workout Tips For Charity

Arnold returns to Gold's Gym to dispense tough workout love.

There's a man wandering around your gym. He resembles a giant Super Mario and speaks with a suspiciously familiar Austrian accent. He will give you pointers like, "when it burns it grows" and speak words of encouragement like, "Stop being a baby. This is not a baby gym." Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be the world's most supportive personal trainer, but he has taken on the role, visiting a Venice, California, Gold's Gym in "disguise" to raise money for the After-School All-Stars youth fitness program. Visit Omaze for a chance to work out with the Austrian Oak at Gold's Gym. After you do some lifts, you and Arnold will then ride around in a tank. Weird, but awesome.

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