Moms Blame Old Spice For Their Son's Manhood, Get Super Weird, In New Campaign

The body spray has turned their little boys into lady-loving gentlemen too soon.

To a mother, no matter how old, tall, fat, or bearded their son may get, a part of him is always her precious little boy. In its newest campaign, Old Spice puts words to a mom's lament for simpler times as a series of mothers sing their disapproval of how the brand's body spray has transformed their beloved offspring. The result is ... unsettling.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and directed by Steve Ayson, the 60-second spot "Momsong" shows a collection of grieving mothers lurking behind doors, in the bushes, dragging behind the car, buried in beach sand, bemoaning their son's move to manhood in song.

I didn't see it coming, but it came in a can
Now my sweet son's sprayed into a man

The young gentleman's extracurricular activities seem pretty wholesome compared to what, say, Axe might dream up but that's not enough for these moms.

Old Spice made a man of my son
Now he's kissing all the women and his chores aren't done

There's also two related 25-second spots featuring different verses to the same tune.

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  • As a creative director, the Old Spice ad cracks me up. They're owning the Mother's Lament, which is very funny and memorable, in particular for this demographic. Essentially, the core message is "Be everything your mama doesn't want you to be" which touches the exact right emotional spot for young gents fleeing the nest. At Monaco Lange, that's what we believe makes for awesome advertising. (Of course, as a mom of two boys, I wish they didn't have to stake claim to young men by making mothers look ugly, creepy and totally undesirable. But that's probably exactly how teenage/20 something boys see their moms. I think my heart just broke for my near future.) - Tessa Tinney