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To Nobody's Surprise, The Canadians Built a Drivable Truck Made From Ice

Canadian Tire and ice sculptors Iceculture turn 11,000 pounds of ice into a functioning truck, to demonstrate a battery's reliability.

In a stunt that seems in keeping with a winter that's already proved chilling, Canadian Tire set out to prove the weather-proof toughness of its truck batteries, by chilling its newest model to -40 degrees and then placing it inside a truck—made almost entirely from ice.

Sculpted by master carvers Iceculture, the frozen ride was built around the frame of a GMC pick-up and then driven one mile at 12 mph. It sounds a lot faster in kilometers, but it's also a tremendous feat; the seats, hood, roof, and even license plate were made from ice blocks. The truck, now just a puddle, was featured in a commercial that aired in the hockey Winter Classic on New Year's day. Canadian Tire has now applied to the Guinness Book of World Records for the first-ever self-propelled ice vehicle. They should be a shoo-in for the record, as long as Guinness doesn't expect built-in seat warmers.

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