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You're Bound 2 Have A Great 2014 If You Follow Kanye's New Yeezy Resolutions

Kanye was pretty much a fount self improvement wisdom this year and some creatives at Droga5 have assembled it for you in a handy resolution hub.

Are you having trouble thinking up a good New Years resolution? Are you tired of the same old promises to eat vegan/raw/paleolithic/butter-only/gluten free/liquid-only or not at all? Well someone's got your back. He is a God—of resolutions. His name is Kanye West. And at the site New Yeezy Resolutions, you can see every promise the rapper made in 2013. There are gems like, "Obama will have to say my name in order to be cool," and "I will be the greatest shit in da club since 'In Da Club,'" and of course, "A Corbusier lamp will be my greatest inspiration."

"I just couldn't turn away from the Kanye show this year," says Daniel Brill, a copywriter at Droga5 and the site's co-creator. (This much Kanye required a team effort, so pals Spencer Hansen, Brian Moore, and Petter Hernmarck collaborated.)

"Whether you love him or hate him, a quiet Kanye year is a more boring year," adds Brill. "Plus, resolving to 'pop a wheelie on the Zeitgeist' is way more exciting than trying to lose 15 pounds."

We can all drink a glass of champagne to that!

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  • Mark Frisk

    No. I'll be "bound 2 have a great 2014" if people were to stop paying attention to, and writing about, this bozo.

  • Paul Bryant

    Kayne is an idiot. The cat in the hat has better rhymes and WAY more "talent". I'll be so happy when this media creation is over with and we get our next delusional POS to keep the general stupid public from noticing the world go by.

    I'm sitting in my seat, will I lift my feet?
    If I do will it make you so bad?
    So glad?
    My food stamps been had since I was three.
    I fell from a tree.
    Hit my head in dis dream now look at me.

    Kayne has my full permission to use this bit of lyrical genius in his next unbelievable block-buster hit. As hard as it is to believe, I can do this all day. Amazing I know.

  • Spencer Peterson

    "My food stamps been had since I was three?" No, Paul, it's not all that hard to believe you can be a caricature of a racist idiot all day.

  • Spencer Peterson

    You, Paul Bryant, strike me as a racist because the first thing that comes to your mind as subject matter suitable for rap is food stamps, you small-minded twerp.

  • Paul Bryant

    Right. I don't like rap because I don't like this idiot and I must be racist because I mentioned food stamps.

    Your blinded by your own stupidity. Happy Kwanzaa.