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The Winning Entry In This Partly Crowdsourced Horror Movie Anthology Is Gross, Awesome

Robert Boocheck's M Is For Mastication has just taken top honors in ABC's of Death 2, a sequel to the 26-part alphabetic scary movie anthology, which asks horror fans to compete for a chance to have their short included.

Although the title makes reference to the act of chewing, it's doubtful that anyone will want to eat for a while after watching M Is For Mastication.

Director Robert Boocheck's short film is a witty, stylized, and gross blast of omnivorous activity, and it just won a well-contested slot in the forthcoming horror anthology ABC's of Death 2. Produced by Ant Timpson and Tim League, the new film is a sequel to 2012's ABCs of Death, which was made up of 26 alphabetic atrocities from an international selection of well-known filmmakers. Of all those included, 25 directors are invited by the producers, while one entry is selected through a contest that encourages filmmakers to submit videos with a certain letter for their title.

Claymation gore-maestro Lee Hardcastle directed the winning entry in the first film, T Is For Toilet. His successor Robert Boocheck will be joined in the Magnet-distributed film by Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh, Academy Award-nominated animator Bill Plympton, and Splice and Cube director Vincenzo Natali. No word yet on whether any of the other entries will play off of gross real-life incidents of 2012.

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