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Creativity Gone Wrong: These Engagement Photos Will Make You Question Engagement, Marriage, Life

Bad Engagement Photos peers into the maw of bad ideas and misguided pre-marital prep.

It's a risky move to attempt funny engagement photos. Even the most traditional of such images are already ridiculous. They're often so serious and samey, and it's hard to make something ridiculous funnier by amping up the ridiculousness quotient. The rules of parody, however, have not impeded many a betrothed couple from treating this photo opportunity like a creative brief that just reads: "Us!" Now, a cavalcade of wide-ranging examples of these ambitious misfires can all be found in one spot.

Bad Engagement Photos is a Tumblr that, well, you've just read the intro and the title, so you know what it is. It's a collection of pictures featuring couples whose reach far exceeds their grasp in regards to whatever they were going for. Some try to give off a flavor of the magic between a couple, via levitation and similar forms of magic, while others make a misguided effort at laughs by comparing marriage to death in some way, perhaps a speeding train. While a couple's recent Friday the 13th-themed photos got by on commitment and professionalism, most of these are dead on arrival. Hopefully the subsequent marriages go better.

Have a look at more bad engagement images in the slides above.

H/t to Dangerous Minds

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  • PaultheConsultant

    Nothing wrong with the gun owners at all, except the don't conform to the anti-gun PC nannyish conformist crowd.

  • Tom Handy

    Out of context, picture 4 looks horrible, but it's really two Arizona State alumni showing school spirit.

  • Sean Molin

    This is far from the worst selection of engagement photos I've seen. Most were of decent or better quality. Yes, most were... well, odd, to say the least. Only a few were dreadful. A couple I thought were perfectly fine... and I'm a photographer.