U.K. Street Artist INSA Creates A Work Of GIF-fiti For Dwyane Wade's New Shoe

“GIF-fiti” turns a static street wall mural into moving GIF art for launch of Dwyane Wade's limited edition kicks.

Graffiti murals are striking in how the bright colors and strong lines of the art form fill an unused and generally lifeless space. But the art itself is not typically associated with the moving arts. A new project supporting the launch of Dwyane Wade’s new Li-Ning sneaker changes that perception.

For the launch of the Miami Heat point guard’s limited edition Way of Wade 2.0: Overtown shoe, British street artist INSA was commissioned to create a mural. But creating the mural was merely the first step: INSA recreated his black, white, and red rendering of Way of Wade’s tagline, “Make Your Own Way,” several times so that he could create a GIF version of his graffiti.

Located in the Art District of Miami, and coinciding with the start of Art Basel in Miami, the 30-by-20-foot mural was completed in four days. The laborious process involved INSA repainting the mural over and over moving each element slightly with each version. Dubbed “GIF-fiti,” it’s more like a giant stop-motion project that brings the art to life, rather than a simple time-lapse GIF of the mural coming together from start to finish.

As INSA describes in the video about the project, which was produced by creative agency Zambezi, he was drawn to this assignment because graffiti in its real life, static form had limited reach. He says he was playing with the idea of how people could see his work online than in real life. With outlets like Instagram, he says, he's been able to re-imagine how a graffiti mural could live online.

The final piece is a vibrant GIF with the colors in the slogan cascading in a hypnotic and almost three-dimensional pattern. For Wade, this project and this shoe is something of a gift to Miami’s Overtown neighborhood, which inspired the shoe. As he says in a video discussing the shoe’s origin, he says “I’m inspired by people who care, even when no one seems to care about them; people who play, even when living is hard enough.” And as he says in a release about the shoe, “I wanted to share this positive message with Miami in a unique way.”

[Images courtesy of Way Of Wade]

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