All Your Favorite Pop Culture Robots--Now In One Place

"Synthespians" lets you imagine your favorite robots from movies and TV shows hanging out together. Hopefully, they'd all get along!

Look around you--robots are everywhere. The recent announcement that Jeff Bezos plans to use drones to deliver Amazon orders to customers only underscores how ingrained these not-quite-sentient creations are in our lives these days. Of course, before Roombas and Big Dog became reality, we had to imagine what robots might be like when assembling sci-fi movies and TV shows. Despite their mechanical nature, the robots often ended up having just as much personality as their human counterparts.

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Toronto-based artist Scott Park has just created a poster called “Synthespians,” which gathers illustrated versions of 66 famous robots from movies and TV shows. "Synthespians" fulfills the dream of a crossover universe where the Voltron robots get to kick it with Robocop and also Dot Matrix from Spaceballs. Seeing all these life-like pieces of metal gumbo lined up together recalls how successfully the various writers involved were able to create distinct characters out of them. And also--sigh--how Michael Bay uses them to blow stuff up.

Are there any favorite robots missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kevin Gradin

    This is terrible, half of them are cyborgs, some are computer simulated holographic projections. Also aren't androids so advanced that it's actually insulting to call them robots?

  • Brook

    If we're throwing in augmented humans (Robocop and Borg for example) - why are we missing Darth Vadar?

  • edwaste

    Technically Loquotis (sp) John Luc Picard was not a robot, but a cyborg, a human with a bunch of neural/mechanical implants. And the doctor from Star Trek voyager was a hologram controlled by an A.I. computer.

  • edwaste

    The granddaddy of them all! Robby, from Forbidden Planet.
    Or Robot Monster? Tobor (the Great)? Gigantor?

    Better go back and make a new poster.