All Your Favorite Pop Culture Robots—Now In One Place

"Synthespians" lets you imagine your favorite robots from movies and TV shows hanging out together. Hopefully, they'd all get along!

Look around you—robots are everywhere. The recent announcement that Jeff Bezos plans to use drones to deliver Amazon orders to customers only underscores how ingrained these not-quite-sentient creations are in our lives these days. Of course, before Roombas and Big Dog became reality, we had to imagine what robots might be like when assembling sci-fi movies and TV shows. Despite their mechanical nature, the robots often ended up having just as much personality as their human counterparts.

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Toronto-based artist Scott Park has just created a poster called "Synthespians," which gathers illustrated versions of 66 famous robots from movies and TV shows. "Synthespians" fulfills the dream of a crossover universe where the Voltron robots get to kick it with Robocop and also Dot Matrix from Spaceballs. Seeing all these life-like pieces of metal gumbo lined up together recalls how successfully the various writers involved were able to create distinct characters out of them. And also—sigh—how Michael Bay uses them to blow stuff up.

Are there any favorite robots missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kevin Gradin

    This is terrible, half of them are cyborgs, some are computer simulated holographic projections. Also aren't androids so advanced that it's actually insulting to call them robots?

  • Brook

    If we're throwing in augmented humans (Robocop and Borg for example) - why are we missing Darth Vadar?

  • edwaste

    Technically Loquotis (sp) John Luc Picard was not a robot, but a cyborg, a human with a bunch of neural/mechanical implants. And the doctor from Star Trek voyager was a hologram controlled by an A.I. computer.

  • edwaste

    The granddaddy of them all! Robby, from Forbidden Planet.
    Or Robot Monster? Tobor (the Great)? Gigantor?

    Better go back and make a new poster.