Watch Four Street Artists Cover An Entire Warehouse In This Time-Lapse Ad

A time-lapse video for Ironlak shows off the product in the best possible (and legal) light.

What do you do when some of the best stories about your product are actually illegal? For aerosol paint brands, their most visible customer base are street artists and graffiti writers. Here, Australia's Ironlak decided to make the typically illegal completely legal by bringing in artists Sofles, Treas, Quench and Fintan Macgee to use an entire warehouse to show off the full potential of its product.

The result is an impressive time-lapse video directed by Selina Miles that sees the artists cover--and sometimes re-cover--a giant industrial space in their art.

One look at the brand's Facebook page and it's clear that it's aligned itself with its artistic customer base, promoting artists, events, and merchandise around street art culture.

(via Laughing Squid)

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