Shia LaBeouf Won't Rest Until You See Him Naked; This "Nymphomaniac" Clip Offers Another Chance

The latest footage from Lars von Trier's highly anticipated/feared Nymphomaniac features a triptych of carnal activity. [Warning: NSFW (duh).]

Historically, actors don't appreciate being pigeonholed into a type. Whenever one finds himself stuck in a role such as, say, "kid who constantly fights enormous transforming robots," he starts yearning to break the holding pattern. One swift way to do so is with edgier roles that involve disrobing--a strategy that seems to have struck a chord with Shia LaBeouf. If he was indeed actively looking to get naked on film again, though, he came to the right place: a new Lars von Trier movie.

We've been covering the campaign for the forthcoming Nymphomaniac, in all its skeeved-out glory since images from the film began trickling onto the Internet in May. While no U.S. release date has been announced yet, a clip from the film appeared online today, and yes it does feature a stark naked Shia LaBeouf doing sex to a lady.

According to a caption, this clip comes from Chapter Five of the film, which is organized into chapters like all von Trier productions. The scene from "The Little Organ School" features a triptych of different scenes that can't possibly be occurring simultaneously. In one panel, there is, appropriately enough, a pipe organ playing; while in the other, there is a different sort of organ in play. (Ba dum tssshhh.) Rounding out the triptych are odd images that juxtapose the primality of man and beast, like a leopard on the hunt or a man in some sort of anatomical observation. Basically, all we know after watching this clip is pretty much what we knew already: this movie is going to be bonkers.

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