This New Skype Ad Might Make You Cry At Work

"Born Friends" is the latest heart-warming addition to Skype's Stay Together campaign.

Two expectant mothers on different continents connect through email over a shared concern about their baby girls being born without a left arm. Eight years later, the daughters get in touch and become best friends by Skyping every day for eight years and bonding over their shared experience of being a little different. Think hearing their story then seeing them meet in person for the first time might make you reach for the Kleenex box? If Skype is the new long-distance call, this is Long Distance Tear-Jerker Ad 2.0.

The latest spot in in the brand's Stay Together campaign features the story of Sarah from Nappanee, Indiana, and Paige from Auckland, New Zealand, and you'd swear the ultimate goal of agency Pereira & O'Dell and directors Peking (Gregory Mitnick and Nat Livingston Johnson) was to make you cry at work.

Not to let those at home escape tearless, the ad first aired on ABC's Katie show with Sarah and Paige on as Katie Couric's guests.

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  • Sara

    Wow, this is very similar to the story of my friend and I. We were born with CMT, and found each other during college. We are now best friends and will always be. That is so cool that skype brought these two together. I know it helps my friend and I keep in contact since we do not live in the same state. Thanks Skype!!

  • Passionate_Leader

    Waaaw! Inspiring! I'm blessed this morning for watching this video.

  • teaspoonatbutton moon

    No tears! Well actually maybe a sniffle or two. Wish my Grandson knew who I am.

  • janice noonan

    Without Skype I would not have been able to
    watch my grandchildren Hannah and Edward *Bean*
    grow up and they would not know who their MIMA is
    thank you SKYPE for allowing me to watch them grow
    and for them to not think of me as a stranger
    <3 Love Love Love my Skype sessions with them
    and being able to take still photos of them too
    I was able to snap photos of my daughter while
    she was pregnant with Bean once a month
    for the nine months she was pregnant without her
    knowing. now I will be able to do his scrapbook
    from the start :D

  • Anonymous

    :/ If only it were that easy to be able to travel and see each other... especially when the government decides who gets to travel and who can't

  • Paul

    I met a guy on a bus while abroad by accidentally taking the wrong bus going the opposite direction. Upon my return home, I Skyped him and we've become awesome friends ever since through Skype.