Take A 3-D Tour Of the Galaxy Without Being Sandra Bullock

Video artist Shane Gehlert used 3-D models from NASA to give viewers a closer, fact-filled look at our solar system than they might have ever had before.

Most people probably leave the theater after seeing Gravity with their thirst for space-knowledge slaked and replaced by a fresh dosage of space-anxiety. For everyone else, though, come meet your new favorite video.

I Need Some Space is a video that mixes 3-D animated models and textures from NASA with original digital animation for a unique excursion out of this world. Created by video artist Shane Gehlert of Blue Dog Films, I Need Some Space provides an up close and personal tour of our solar system that practically pops off of your screen.

The nearly seven-minute video presents the galaxy as Sandra Bullock recently saw it in that film, only with a lot less stress. Along the way, factoids about different planets and space missions continually arise--letting you know, for instance, that the sun is 109 Earths in diameter, and that the Magellan spacecraft remained in space for 4.2 years. And keeping it in the family, the video comes soundtracked with soothing strings from the Zephyr quartet, a group that includes Gehlert's sister, violinist Belinda Gehlert.

Watch another example of Gehlert’s scene composition and effects in the short video below.

H/t to i09

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