Ray Liotta Lets His Cold Stare Do The Talking In This Campaign From 1800 Tequila

There are few actors who do "smoldering intensity" better than Ray Liotta, and that makes him an ideal pitchman for this manly tequila.

If there's one thing that Ray Liotta offers as a screen presence, it's smoldering intensity. That's served him well in countless roles as a detective/mobster/crooked-detective-who's-really-a-mobster, and it serves him well in this new campaign from 1800 Tequila.

The spots see Liotta glowering at the camera and using few or no words as he indulges his love of 1800 Tequila. He uses his eyes to pick up a beautiful woman at a boxing match; he stares at a bartender in order to convince him that he needs to be pouring the good stuff; he glares at a table of young fellas out on the town to shame them for having ordered fruity cocktails; and uses them to make clear his disdain for the sort of man whose drink comes served with a little paper umbrella in it.

It's not exactly groundbreaking stuff for a liquor company to equate drinking their brand of tequila with masculinity, but casting Liotta is a wise choice. When it's the guy who played Henry Hill letting us know that there's no need for talking when you need to get your message across, "Enough Said" is a pretty effective tagline. The spots were created out of the VIA Agency and directed by Anthony Mandler on location in Buenos Aires, and presumably Liotta said nothing the entire time they were filming, as his eyes did his talking for him.

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