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Take An Eerie, Photoshopped Look At How Leonardo DiCaprio And Other Celebrities Will Age

A contest on image site gives us a peek at how some of the biggest names in music, movies, and television will look as senior citizens.

Psychics are unreliable, but luckily there are other ways to see what the future looks like. Some people have their genes tested for what's in store health-wise, while speculative fiction authors research history and science to predict where we're headed as a society. For a realistic glimpse at any one person's eventual visage, though, you're probably going to need to consult with Photoshop.

Most stars work hard at keeping themselves well-preserved, but vitamins, exercise, and plastic surgery—the original Photoshop—can only do so much. Unless they opt to go full Joan Rivers, the winds of change eventually blow hard on even the most heavily pilates'd bodies. Now, a new series of doctored photos speculates on how some stars will look when they do hit their golden years.

The images were created by the skilled photoshoppers at Worth1000, an image manipulation site that holds contests to test its users' Photoshop mettle—sometimes in relation to celebrities. Past efforts from the site have turned stars into renaissance masterpieces, and leading men into leading ladies. The latest batch of photos, however, simply show how folks like Leonardo DiCaprio and Miley Cyrus might fare as senior citizens. (Amazingly, for Leo; not so amazingly, for Miley.)

"Fountain of Age" is a contest that Worth1000 holds every year, but this time around, they've produced some of the most convincing aging since Merrill Edge let us all age ourselves last year. No crystal ball required.

Have a look through more images in the slides above.

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  • CrosbyTee

    Thanks for not attaching names to the images thereby making it impossible to tell in half the cases who it's supposed to be.

  • Sarah

    Im going to guess the blonde with short hair is supposed to be megan fox, the one in the pool is madonna. Miley looks like a zombie, tom hanks looks exactly as he does now, and kim and leo look eerily accurate and still gorgeous! Well done.

  • Rovettidesign

    Please co.create... don't make me dislike you because of useless posts like this. PLEASE.

  • Tito Castillo

    uhm it would help if you added their names so we know who they are. not all of them are recognizable!

  • Candace

    Worst photoshop job I've ever seen! Not realistic. This is more like a joke, not an accurate depiction of what age will do to these celebrities. I mean, come on—look at Miley! Skin does not turn gray! Try again.

  • Casey

    Clearly the photoshopping was done by a kid who does not understand anatomy or the physics of aging -- or has aged themselves. Why are you wasting my time with this?

  • Clean up computer

    Some of the pictures were pretty reasonable. Though I don't think the Tom Hanks one was photo shopped at all :)

    I think the droop of the Angelina Jolie was pretty hilarious, it's difficult to keep up some appearances.

  • johnny

    chill pill casey, it's just a bit of fun :D
    Personally i'd love to see a take on Madonna really! i mean she must be into some wicked witchcraft!