This Map Shows What Every Country Leads The World In And It's Not Entirely Flattering

Congrats to America on "Nobel laureates and getting killed by lawnmowers."

Sometimes you just have to take your victories wherever you can get them. A new map tracks the crowning achievements of each country around the world, even though in many instances the honor is dubious.

Created by the folks at webcomic hub Doghouse Diaries, What Each Country Leads the World In is a compendium of instances in which one can be both a winner and a loser simultaneously. See for example, Spain, which takes the top slot in cocaine use, and Australia, which has more deadly animals and melanoma than any place else in the world. Now that we know Mongolia leads the globe in velociraptor bones, Co.Create will never look at that country the same way again.

Have a closer look in the slides above, and let us know which stats surprised you in the comments.

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  • Henie Juele Escaño

    Leads in Social Media! I guess a country with at least 7,100 islands definitely needs social media to communicate.

  • K Moss

    Britain: Fascist movements...? Whoever made this map has clearly got us confused.

  • fernyjbh

    The only country empty in the map it's Paraguay. Also, in the movie world war Z, the only non-infected-by-zombies country was.. yeah, Paraguay. Coincidence? (?) (yep, I live in Paraguay)

  • Scott M

    Most Americans will need the name of each country. Twenny bucks most can't name 2/3rds of the countries.

  • Ibtesam

    I would have thought that the Apartheid history would have put South Africa on the map more than ostriches... As negative as it is, it's a lot more of a known fact amongst the rest of the world.

  • leticiaadams81

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  • Badger

    And if you look closely you can see the office of Doghouse Media leading the world in rehashing stereotypes.

  • Zeroot

    Bulgaria is leading in living the American Dream, because each family has at least one own flat or a house. Most of the families posses country house as well.