Infographic: See Which Luxury Brands Jay Z Shouted Out the Most Per Album

It's very clear from listening to Jay Z's music that he enjoys the finer things in life. This handy infographic breaks down exactly what those things are, and how often the rapper/mogul namedrops them per album.

Listening to Jay Z's latest album is like hearing a very bass-heavy, syllabically symmetric recitation of the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. It's a fleeting glimpse at a level of opulence far beyond what most people dare to imagine for themselves. It's also the culmination of some long-simmering aspirations. Jay Z has shown love to luxury brands since before they were in reach, as demonstrated by the many career-spanning Lexus and Gucci references. Anyone without time to listen to all 13 of Jay Z's albums, however, can take the word of a new infographic that charts the frequency of these gold-plated plugs, album by album.

Created by the team at Vanity Fair, this infographic collects the 15 most-mentioned brands in Jay Z's discography. By scouring through the lyric-parsing site Rap Genius, Vanity Fair found that Jay Z's overall most-beloved brand is apparently Mercedes Benz, although several other car manufacturers also made the cut. The other big product vertical Jay Z is into is fashion, with Gucci taking the top spot, alongside a recent favorite designer, Tom Ford.

The infographic also clearly shows Jay Z's gradual disenchantment with Cristal, which he deemed racist in 2006, due to some woefully misguided statements from Frederic Rouzaud, managing director of the company that produces the high-grade champagne. What we don't see here, however, is how, as Jay Z's wealth increased, so did the relative obscurity of his luxury leanings. Now, he is just as likely to mention Hublot and MCM as he is Rolex and Lexus. The latest album has a song entirely about the fact that Jay Z owns a Picasso, though, and anyone at the level to afford that name brand clearly should know a few things the rest of us do not.

[Image: Flickr user Daniele Dalledonne]

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  • beduke

    A master of celebrating the mundane. Materialism rules! But then I am compelled to ask, "So what?" All those brands do not bring happiness, and those who worship them seem to be seeking more meaning and significance from them than they are worthy of. Oh well. It's the USA, and we celebrate this stuff. That is not necessarily to our credit.

  • zensage

    Picasso Baby is not about him owning a Picasso. Tom Ford isn't even really about Tom Ford. As Jay-Z likes to point out in his lyrics and interview, it's like people hear the flashy stuff and their brains stop processing what he's saying.

  • Joe Berkowitz

    Fine, but dude does say "Go ahead, lean on it, Blue, you own it" to his daughter, in regards to a Picasso, so the song sort of is about that.

  • Parker

    This is what you have to do when you have no talent. The most overrated person in history.