Cosplay of Thrones: See the George R.R. Martin-Approved Costume That Won Comic-Con

Not going to spoil what exactly this Game of Thrones-inspired costume is, but let's just say that it very much deserves to sit atop an iron throne.

Halloween is in October, and this year so is New York Comic-Con. What these two events have in common, of course, is costumes. While plenty of Halloween costumes are pop culture-related, at Comic-Con, it's mandatory—the event always turn into an unofficial cosplay contest. This year, one bit of Game of Thrones-themed cosplay in particular ripped through the competition like a swarm of White Walkers.

To explain this cosplay here would be to spoil its effect. You'll just have to watch the very short video above—all the way to the end— to get your answer. Perhaps the best part of the costume, at least that we're willing to mention, is that it will dazzle fans of the HBO show and novices alike, as it contains no esoteric references. Anyone can clearly see why this entrant in the quiet cosplay contest deserves to sit atop an iron throne.

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  • WizardMage

    Really fantastic idea! I am a wee bit put off the title of the article say "GRRM approved" because he never "approved" it & that is presumptuous and assuming. He is a great guy & says had he been asked to "approve it", he'd have done so & does think its great and clever but it's not so cool that the article says he approved it without actually speaking with him 1st.

  • leticiaadams81

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  • matt

    @ leticiaadams81 Just a few hours? assuming a 30 day month $19523 at $73/hour means your neighbor's mother was slaving away at her laptop for almost 9 hours per day every day of the month with no weekends. I'd be concerned about carpal tunnel at the very least, not to mention hemorrhoids. Does she at least have a standing desk? And why do you know intimate details about the finances of your neighbor's mother? If I didn't know to automatically take every internet comment at its word, I'd think this was a fabrication...

    Love the costume featured in the video btw, the Margaery costume is pretty sweet as well.

  • Molly

    Thank you!... (though I am a girl haha) I am the one cosplaying Margaery Tyrell, and I designed and constructed that throne :)