Banksy Creates A Lordly Ronald McDonald Sculpture, Sends It Around To McDonald's Restaurants

Ronald gets his shoes shined by a live boy, outside of McDonald's across New York.

Earlier in his "artist residency" underway in New York, Banksy unnerved (or delighted) meat eaters by driving a truck full of shrieking (stuffed) slaughterhouse-destined farm animals around the city.

Now, the artist has zeroed in on one of our largest meat purveying brands. A new installation pays unwanted homage to a meat-linked icon, Ronald McDonald. Banksy has created an imperious-looking statue version of Ronald ("the most sculpted figure after Christ," notes the online audio guide) and added a performance art element—a "real live boy" who is tasked with shining those big red clown shoes.

As the Banksy site notes: "A fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy...will visit the sidewalk outside a different McDonald's every lunchtime for the next week. Today: South Bronx.

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  • abiice

    Serious question: Does McDonald's really have a dirty reputation for child labor or stepping on the poor as a means to their ends? I always thought of McDonald's being more of a disastrous spread of poor food and western ideals.

    Though art can be interpreted very differently, if your initial reaction was of child labor or the gap between the poor who serve corporate America, it seems more like an ad for Nike.

  • Malone

    "Banksy has created an imperious-looking statue version of Ronald (“the most sculpted figure after Christ,” notes the online audio guide) ..." I think that needs to be fact-checked... or is it to be taken 'tongue-in-cheek'? Big Banksy fan, so no disrespected here.

  • BradCouper

    Thats the best Ronald I've ever seen! He has Krusty the Klown proportions going on there with his shoes.

  • edwaste

    Then perhaps you should put them on display.

    And you should rethink your hygiene practices.