These (Fake) Self-Help Books Diagnose Nearly Every Way People Are Terrible On Social Media

Sean Tejaratchi addresses social media grievances with mock book covers.

American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis is what's known in online circles as a world-class troll. For the uninitiated, a troll is someone who expresses a controversial and often contrarian opinion in order to get a rise out of people and draw attention to himself. If someone is widely acclaimed, perhaps having just won a Nobel Prize, the troll might rail against her; if something is dismissed across the board, the troll will defend it. While a healthy dose of skepticism about universally agreed upon views can often make for snappy commentary, a troll is so consistent in his or her zeitgeist-aversion as to become predictable, seemingly disingenuous and generally terrible. Unfortunately, Bret Easton Ellis is but one troll lurking in a crowded space beneath the cyber-bridge. Furthermore, trolling is but one of many ways in which to annoy others online. Most of these insidious methods are chronicled in a new series of books by Rainbow Brown.

As you may have inferred from the name "Rainbow," though, this author is not real, and neither is this series of self-help books about not being a jerk online. However, there is most certainly a need for such books, and in their absence, we'll have to make do with these mock-up book covers, which diagnose many of the different ways in which participating in social media puts one in the crosshairs of all manner of goodwill-assassins. Created by writer and designer Sean Tejaratchi for his website, LiarTown USA, each book in the Rainbow Brown series has a title beginning with "The Big Book of Online..." that goes on to describe various facets of Internet obnoxiousness. Aside from Trolling, Tejaratchi also calls out Celebrity Worship, Memes, and Communication & Context.

Each cover has the weathered look of something that might have been languishing in a dank corner of the public library for ages. The highlight of these covers, though, is invariably the subtitle. It is here that Tejaratchi so succinctly sums up the essence of each problematic behavior that he renders an actual book superfluous. Consider his Big Book of Online Self-Loathing subtitle: "Why turning your life into an attention-whoring minstrel show of theatrical depression and misery probably isn't the best move." Although the book does not exist, one wonders whether a Twitterer exhibiting these behaviors would have the resolve to continue doing so after reading such an indictment.

Have a look through the other covers in the slides above, and leave a comment below if Rainbow Brown left out any social media behaviors you wish to see addressed.

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  • Bella

    Good article, but wondering who these people are who also read it. That is, at least the ones who commented. Unbelievable, all assumptions are incorrect. Obviously the trolls have escaped from beneath the bridge.

  • Rajesh Savji Parmar

    "All assumptions are incorrect" are quite right are incorrect. No assumptions, its an opinion. Perhaps think before you comment.

  • Bella

    I DID think Rajesh Savji Palmer, or whatever your name is. It really didn't take much "thinking" to see your "opinions" and those of others, were an assumption. In YOUR case it was the assumption, er, excuse me, the OPINION this was all done in the name of profit. Please don't be hypocritical and respond to me as it is possible
    I could be only seeking attention by my comments.

  • Rajesh Savji Parmar

    Its obvious "Bella" who is unlikely to be a "bella" that your comments were purely about seeking attention but don't warrant any attention as you clearly are not that sharp. That's not an opinion but a subjective view based on the gloried need for attention. However your brainless comments don't warrant any further attention. Go back to school, and don't use capital letters to try to emphasise your minor points. The last quip about Trolls...Brainless moron.

  • Bella

    Sorry, didn't mean to annoy you by my use of capital letters to emphasize my minor points. I was only trying to s i m p l i f y things for you so perhaps you could understand. Thank you for helping me realize I am a brainless moron. I shall live the rest of my pathetic life knowing I am nothing but your assumption of me. You have done not only me, but the world a service. All this time, I was assuming a difference of opinion did not signify someone was a brainless moron, TROLL. Kisses!

  • Rajesh Savji Parmar

    Like I said, you are not sharp enough to get any form of rise, and even the level of attempted sarcasm...not great are you? You are simple, hence having firstly been SO offended that you have reacted to someone questioning a comment that shows no understanding of others or a situation or simply a play at a play. Laughable as this is, you with it, I rest my case...which is now closed. I sentence you to life under a rock...some metres away from any bridge..your opinion is not worthy.

  • Mark313

    The guy who made these sounds like one of those smug people who still browses reddit.

  • Rajesh Savji Parmar

    I don't allow pressure minutes of my life to be sucked away by main stream TV such as Breaking Bad pretending that nothing else exists past the tv screen, nor do I particularly find Pug Dogs enamouring...they are pretty damn ugly, check the mirror..
    Its easier to render peoples lives useless through opinion online..that's the point..why? because of the endless amount of data floating around and accessible to all..don't forget governments have been toppled by information flow and access to such opinions.
    Its a new kind of exposure, and the pains felt around it entice new kinds of behaviour and bring out the best, worst and indifferent in us all..We are Humans...
    The term TROLL itself has somehow crept into our lexicons...I would love to know how much "inadvertent" traffic Tejeratchi is driving.
    Interesting reading but honestly think his website is just a front end to drive a lot of cash based on peoples morbid interest and fascination into other people lives...

  • anonymousICON

    ...cant expect everyone to get it. i found the idiotic ironies amusing. i may have even "LOL" a few times. people need to lighten up. I even found the whole "TROLL" phenom especially amusing.....those poof fucks

  • P Mort

    Wow, social justice is a bad thing now? Going to go out on a limb and guess that Sean Tejaratchi is a white male. And judging by some of those entries, if anyone is an asshole, it's him.

    FYI, there's straight up VERY NSFW porn on that guy's site, which you happen to be linking to in the article, without warning. Thanks guys!

  • P Mort

    So, we're definitely not labeling the site as NSFW I see. If giving this repellant pile of smug an audience didn't do it, not knowing when a Fast Co. link leads to NSFW content might be enough to blacklist this site.

  • Rajesh Savji Parmar

    Tejeratchi or whatever his name is seeks attention, let the world not give it to him or drive traffic through his borderline website. End of.

  • Lula


    The big book of how successful you are, how in love you are, how beautiful your life is, how much you love your spouse, how much your spouse loves you, how perfect your children are, how smart your children are, how talented and gifted and successful your children, how talented, gifted and successful you are, how talented gifted and successful your spouse is.

    Turning your life into a grand exposition of perfection may not be the best strategy for your online persona.