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Let Christopher Walken Be Your Fashion Guru

And now, little man, I give the shirt to you.

Want to wear clothes sewn by the slickest—albeit creepiest—tailor of all time? Christopher Walken is a veritable sewing machine sensei in this new ad by Danish clothing company Jack & Jones. It's one of five videos with the tagline "Made from Cool," and Walken does not disappoint. Here, he's so slick, he can fold a shirt perfectly with a single snap of the wrist and doesn't even need to deploy his most famous weapon—his widely imitated voice. Unfortunately, Jack & Jones has blocked their other four ads in all English-speaking countries.

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  • Nathan Forester

    He's terrific in this ad, he's like Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick only without the whole demon aspect.

  • Andrea Huntley

    I was disappointed, not in Mr. Walken but in the ad! I was expecting better. There is a major lack in creativity! I would fire the ad agency. The folding bit ya great but the ad itself not so great!

    I have seen a music video back in the the day I believe done by fatboy slim. Mr. Walken was great and didn't even need to say a word. Something that resembled that vid would have been a much better ad.

    I enjoy ads that are actually good, unique and creative!

    Sorry to say but this is one of those ads that remind me of why people hate ads.

    Also, just because there is a famous person in the ad, no matter how great that star may be to make a great or even good commercial it has to be good even without that star. The famous person in an ad should be used to add that special touch like a sundae topped with that bright red, juicy, eye catching cherry!!

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