Ron Burgundy Returns To Sell You A Dodge Durango

If you need someone to list some impressive-sounding facts without any context, Ron Burgundy is your man--which makes him the perfect choice for a car commercial.

If ever there were a news anchor who would make a stellar pitchman for an SUV, it's Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrell's now-classic caricature of the self-obsessed anchorman doesn't need to know what he's saying to say it with utter conviction, and when rattling off impressive-sounding numbers that are largely meaningless to most people, that's an important trait. It also makes the new campaign for Dodge Durango both fun to watch--who doesn't love to see Ferrell as Burgundy again?--and a smart lampooning of the typical car commercial boasting.

You just can't click "No"

The spots, a series of 30- and 60-second commercials that aired pretty much constantly during a busy football weekend, promote both the Durango (which, with its 360 horsepower, is 360 times better than a horse, as Ferrell smugly points out) and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, the sequel to Ferrell's 2004 original. It's a fun piece of cross-promotion--true to the character of Burgundy, smooth at reminding us why we should be excited at the thought of a new Anchorman movie, and effective at communicating some relevant information about the Durango that's relevant to anyone in the market for a new SUV. Maybe next we can get Brick Tamland for a lamp ad?

The ads were created by agency Wieden + Kennedy and co-written by Funny or Die.

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