See The Stunning Robot Army Trailer That's Got Hollywood's Attention

Proof-of-concept trailers are an awesome way to showcase a director's vision, but a sad way to remind us that the movie doesn't actually exist.

It's not rare these days for a director who wants funding to make a movie to start by crafting a killer trailer to a film that doesn't exist, but it is rare that the trailer makes us want to watch that as-yet-nonexistent movie immediately. That's the trick that Spanish director J.J. Palomo pulls off with his three-minute short/trailer, Keloid.

The trailer sets up Keloid as the latest singularity-based, man-vs-machine disaster movie--think Terminator, maybe--with some extremely creepy imagery. (Mannequins, in this world, may well be as dangerous as robots--and nothing's worse than a villain whose mouth doesn't move when it talks.) It's a slick combination of some lo-fi practical effects, like shooting a room full of creepy-looking mannequins while a child-like voice speaks, with slick effects and CGI that lends the appearance of a Hollywood blockbuster. Massive armies of robot machine gunners take to the streets against amassed armies of armor-clad humans, and the whole thing sets up a conflict that it would be a lot of fun to watch play out over the course of two hours.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that might be a possibility at some point, too: According to its post on the short, Palomo is working with a pair of producers including Roy Lee, who produced Spike Lee's forthcoming Oldboy remake. Hollywood being Hollywood, there's no way to know if that'll ever actually happen--but the trailer, at least, gives us a reason to hope.

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  • Imran

    Hollywood being Hollywood, there's no way to know if that'll ever actually happen--but the trailer, at least

  • Riter

    one question i have is why do robots need to aim with line-of-sight? small detail critique on an otherwise amazing freaking teaser!!!

  • Vicky

    That answers the question of "What if Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, and Terminator had a baby?"

  • The Five Star General *****

    pfft! like anything Hollywood produces nowadayz has any real concept! shit I rather see this movie than another super Hero recycled garbage!

  • Christian Valenzuela

    lol. Because Hollywood puts out nothing original it makes this get away with it?

  • l33t_l4rg0

    Please add the original video that the studio made when they developed the concept for Keloid years ago. This was the only version I can find, as it seems that BLR took down their first version for the second:

  • BloodtheObliterator

    The effects are mind blowing, but I can't help but feel like the robot designs are a little too heavily inspired by the exosuit from District 9. Now, before people attack me, I don't mean ALL the robots depicted; but certainly a few. Not to mention very Elysium/D9 inspired art direction is prevalent. Bevelled edges, bold areas of color or non-color, the wear and tear, color palette, it's very reminiscent of those two flicks.

  • BloodtheObliterator

    I know this, I hoped to make it clear that I didn't think this. But given that those movies are recent and also widely accepted by the sci-fi community, I couldn't help but notice the parallels. There's only one robot in this trailer that resembles the exosuit, but it's uncanny.