Meet Walter Blanco And The Rest Of The Cast Of The Spanish Language "Breaking Bad" Remake

Breaking Bad addicts just need to learn Spanish and they can get a whole new fix.

There's at least one more way for Breaking Bad die-hards to get a new crystal-blue fix of extremely depressing, painful-to-watch-yet-nonetheless-totally-addicting television about a cancer-stricken meth dealer/high school chemistry teacher that doesn't involve scouring the Internet for "Jesse, Badger, and Skinny Pete's Alaskan Adventures" fanfic: Metastasis, the Spanish-language remake of the show set in Colombia, is really happening.

For proof that watching an emasculated middle-aged man in tighty-whities destroy the lives of everyone he encounters is something that translates across borders, languages, and cultures, the first cast photos of Metastasis have been released--and they look pretty good. Diego Trujillo (whom very sharp-eyed American audiences who've seen the 2000 Russell Crowe/Meg Ryan vehicle Proof Of Life dozens of times for some reason may recognize from a small part in that film) stars as Walter Blanco/Heisenberg, and seems capable of conveying both pathetic desperation and grim-faced menace. Roberto Urbina takes on the role of Jose Miguel Rosas--Jesse Pinkman, naturally--while Sandra Reyes stars as Walter's embattled wife, Cielo Blanco, and a bald-headed Julian Arango takes on the role of his law enforcement officer brother-in-law, Henry Navarro.

The show will air in the U.S. on Univision's UniMas network.

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  • Jeff Geier

    I live in Mexico and just watched the end of the series a few days ago. They did a good job, and you will not be disappointed if you understand Spanish.