This Is What Everyday Dudes Look Like Posed As Underwear Sex Gods

Looking good, fellas!

Gentlemen, do you feel outraged over underwear companies' refusal to show "real" men in their magazine ads? Do the women in your life suffer from unrealistic expectations about the firmness of your abdominals? Well here's a little relief.

A new photo series from U.K. publication the Sun, called What Real Men Look Like in Pants Ads, (pants being the British word for underwear), shows regular blokes posing in their skivvies. Each real dude wears a designer brand like Dolce and Gabbana and Armani and strikes the same pose as a famous model like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Gandy, and Freddie Ljungberg.

The photos, in the slide show above, are amusing, but somehow (maybe because the blokes are all reasonably fit) misses the level of parody that happens when men assume the poses of female pop culture figures.

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  • All of these "regular" dudes are so good-looking! I think most women look at the professional models and think, eh, plastic-beauty. Nice to look at sculpted abs the way you would in a sculpture in a museum. But the regular guys exude a real male hotness that the pro models just don't. At least, not for me. And if Mr. D&B were my hubby...babies would be made every 9 months. :)

  • David Sweetnam

    What's the point of all this? If you don't identify with a brand, you don't buy it. There's a reason why guys like David Beckham are used in advertising, and why 'normal' guys aren't.

  • Boooogie

    hahaha so many butthurt people in this thread...i don't get it. People are trying to defend professional models, against those who clearly aren't. I took this as a funny joke...As a male who looks absolutely nothing like any of these modes, at no point have I ever gone, man I really wish I looked like them.. I carry heavy shit for a living, have a small home, a happy kid and dog, I consider my life a success...I think people need to chill and just have a chuckle.

  • Julia Howe

    Why are underwear models always flopping around between the sheets or posing like Greek gods in spotlighted grey interrogation rooms? Who are these cheeseburger-depraved waifs that are being kept like show poodles in either euro trash penthouses or grandma's basement?

  • Daniel

    Why do you feel the need to attack them just because they look different to your ideal man? sounds like you're insecure to be honest, I don't think the models themselves would insult regular looking guys, they are just just blessed with aesthetically pleasing physical traits and live the lifestyle they want and earn money from it in the process. No harm done to anyone in that.

  • Julia Howe

    no I have nothing against models (dated one in the past) but the marketing & art direction for these ads leaves much to be desired.

  • WebGlo

    Do men really care about this stuff? I've never had a conversation with another guy where we compare ourselves (unfavorably) to some model. Just not how the vast majority of men think.

  • Arielle Le Blanc

    but maybe you should start hehehe. it would be cool to see some handsome men finally....

    Im tired of the bear belly s

  • Jennafer Elizabeth Zalenski

    I think the photos are an interesting piece of commentary about whom these companies are throwing ads at: Just because they bought the soda doesn't mean these men are suddenly able to sky dive.

    Like Jennifer wrote, their physical condition isn't so far off as to become parody... On a purely objective, visual level, it's just an interesting comparison between those that pursue physical perfection for a living, and those who don't.

  • デイビッドーひめ

    So incredibly stupid. This is the equivalent to posting drawings by untrained blue-collar workers and saying that that is what "real art" looks like. Artists are artists because they've spent years perfecting their art, chefs are chefs because they cook and underwear models are underwear models because they have certain bodies that suit the image of the brand they're selling.

  • Robert Haile

    But the lie is that you will look like these perfect models in the underwear, and that simply is not true. The purpose of using perfect models is to convince the general public that they will look like models if only the wore the same clothes which, again, is a lie. Underwear models probably do not fart and lack the infamous brown streak. My brother is a "blue collar " worker and has built America's Cup sailboats and beautiful yachts worth millions. Can you do that oh smart one? Is that a form of art?

  • Rebecca

    #4 much more attractive than the model. these comments are proof that women like real men. real men who eat ;)

  • Arielle Le Blanc

    ???? these are real men?

    No they r not. These bodies are far from normal. And probably only women on the same level like such men.

    No one should be fat with a body that looks like made of cheese ... sorry these are men who belong to post industrial revolution.... obese that overeat meat, smoke and are physically lazy and probably mentally too.