Infographic: What Beer and Coffee Do To Your Brain (And Which Makes You More Creative)

This infographic reveals what coffee and beer do to your brain, and which you should drink when working on what.

Beer and coffee have a certain yin-and-yang symmetry to them. For one thing, beer is mostly consumed at night, while coffee often starts the day. Rather, sometimes coffee is actually required to start the day specifically because beer was consumed the previous night. Both beverages have benefits and drawbacks, but only one of them makes you more creative. A new infographic reveals what coffee and beer do to your brain.

Now that you know where to go for the right kind of coffee or beer, it's time to learn the right reason for either choice. According to Ryoko Iwata of the blog I Love Coffee, a cup of Joe is best for focusing on the grunt work of cranking out an already developed idea. Beer, though, tends to make its drinkers less worried, freeing them up to make connections he or she might ordinarily not, which lead to the kinds of eureka moments that get projects going. At least that is what you need to tell your office manager in your petition to install a kegorator in the kitchen.

Have a look at the full infographic below.

H/t to That's Nerdalicious

[Image: Flickr user Tim Collins]

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  • cind

    love it!
    I don't like beer mostly; I'm already creative thank G-d.
    Coffee > focus > Yes!
    [Another GREAT thing for focus is Omega]

  • adoornail

    If you double click on the "Title" in the Facebook share area, you can edit it to be whatever you please :)

    I do agree it should be automatic though.

  • Emily Chu

    What about tea? I sincerely believe it makes you more creative and gives you more energy

  • ZenLikeMe

    Someone at FastCo needs to fix the plugin for sharing on Facebook. Anytime I try to share it, it wants to make the title of the article the long URL. That's not attractive and so I won't share it. But it's a shame.