This Fireman Rescued A Kitten From A Burning Building And Captured It All On A GoPro

There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes.

Lately, occupational shows have been all the rage on TV. Everything from Ice Road Truckers to Pawn Stars and well beyond, into the realm of parody, seems to have found a channel to call home. FIrefighters have mostly avoided the reality TV scene, though, because it would be ridiculous for them to have a camera crew following on a mission to save lives. But as it turns out, having one fireman outfitted with a GoPro camera while on the job isn't ridiculous at all.

In the video, we see from fireman Cory Kalanick's point of view as he enters a house that has been badly damaged by fire (Kalanick originally posted his own video which was repurposed and posted by GoPro). Perhaps those who decided to equip him with the camera did so because the worst was obviously over. (We don't need to see the worst.) After scouring the eerily smoky, singed house for a while, Kalanick comes upon the form of a heartbreakingly tiny kitten on its side—beyond helpless. This little guy needs more help than just being carried outside, though, and we get to see it administered. While it remains uncertain as to whether the kitten survived, hopefully some GoPro footage of the owner's happy reunion will soon surface.

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  • David Bernard-Cuisinier

    Poor PR, poorer journalism, poorest writing angle indeed. A quick search would have yielded the fate of the kitten (dead the following night), the embarassment of  Gopro trying to save face by praising the effort of the fireman...

    What is the point you are trying to make ???

  • Ketzirah

    Possibly the greatest PR moment I've ever seen.  Who doesn't like it when people save a kitten.