A New Banksy Sprouts In LA

Something's coming from Banksy in October 2013.

Here's an artist who can clearly spot the humor hidden in the weeds. Banksy, the London-based street artist, filmmaker, and political satirist, has taken to Los Angeles with a new work: Better Out than In. The piece features the stencil of a tagger, vomiting up a waterfall of flowers and leaves. It also promises something—a show?—on the horizon from the artist in October.

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  • 3way666

    Come on, guys. Nowhere is there any evidence to substantiate the rumor that Banksy's new piece is located in Los Angeles. It may turn out to be true, but for now you and lots of other careless new outlets are simply regurgitating an unverified rumor. 

  • J. Sperling Reich

    I look forward to learning where the piece is located in Los Angeles.  I think it's interesting that he painted it on a cinderblock wall, which makes it difficult, if not impossible to remove and sell off.  That's what happened to "Flower Girl", another Banksy piece which was painted on the wall of a gas station at La Brea Avenue and Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.