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Rapper Watsky Scores With Video And Advice For Saving Your Hood: "Kill A Hipster"

But who'll be left to fight the hipster fighters?

Call it the Macklemore effect: a music video from an obscure rapper who lives in a West Coast city without a strong tradition of rappers blowing up hits YouTube. The video accompanies a song that's both an attack on hipster culture and a smug celebration of it. Within days, the thing is a YouTube sensation. For Watsky, whose "Kill a Hipster" video went live on Sunday and has already acquired a mighty 130,000 views as of Thursday night, the Macklemore effect works.

It works because it's really clever: Watsky raps about hipster culture in a park, as he, featured emcee Chinaka Hodge, and a bunch of pre-gentrification neighbors are enjoying a sunny afternoon. Suddenly, they're surrounded by food-truck-feasting zombies in snapbacks and fedoras, and the whole thing gets "Thriller"-iffic. But as you watch Watsky and friends stare down the opposition, remember: There's nothing a hipster loves more than complaining about all of the fucking hipsters.

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