Some Hero Strapped a GoPro Camera Onto An Eagle And The Footage Is Breathtaking

Eagles are praised for their eyes. Now you can basically see through them.

It's a moment of extreme cognitive dissonance when the most patriotic thing you have ever seen in your American life is actually super-French.

A video featuring GoPro footage shot by an eagle (!!!) soared to the top of Reddit's video page recently, delighting all who laid eyes upon it. Before anyone watching has the opportunity to shed a tear for the purple mountain's majesty, etc., though, a caption on the video mentions that this was shot in the Chamonix valley of France's Mer de Glace. Is it animal abuse to weigh down such a majestic creature by strapping a camera to it? Considering how gracefully this winged treasure swoops around this scenic tableau, the answer is no.

After watching a few times, reminisce over the time that dog directed a music video with the very same model camera here.

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  • Glenn

    I have a Falconry business and would like to acquire a GoPro harness for my birds. Can anyone tell me where i can get one or how to construct it Thanks Glenn

  • Lauren Phillips

    It wasn't a bald eagle (there are four types of eagles that call North America home). And this video wasn't even shot in N. America (was shot in France, stated as such in article under the video)

  • Munkypoop

    I don't care what any of y'all say. How often do we get to see a view like this? I thought it was awesome to see and I'm glad I watched this!

  • Muriel Katz could FEEL the Freedom! :) What a unique video. Just wish it had been longer. :)

  • elson

    I just got a a Hero 3+ Silver and recently got a helmet mount. I'm planning to get a tripod mount and a handlebar mount. Where can I find this eagle mount? :)

  • Morgan

    great video - really stupid article. is the collective assumption that all americans think there's only ONE kind of eagle?? and what the fuck is wrong with France?

  • Eric Peyton

    Oh go pro yeah niiiiiiiiiiice LOL on a fuckin eagle ... Boom shakka Lakka ....

  • CG Animator

    Everything is "fake" now-a-days it seems.

    "There using them computers for this! Probably Photoshopped wit da CGI."

    Sometimes I get the feeling people making these "fake" claim have never worked in special effects or graphic design before.

    Oh yes, and anything can be considered "animal abuse" now too. On almost every animal video someone cries "ANIMAL ABUSE" even if it's a dude playing with his cat or something.


  • elson

    They just say that stuff to give themselves an artificial sense of knowledge and authority to make themselves feel better, that's all.

  • Tanis MacInsky

    Yup this bird "evolved" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As did everything you see below it.

  • Giordano Bruno

    the eagle was not harmed for sure, but still keeping eagles in captivity and using the video to promote yourself and the camera (yes is PROMOTIONAL) its so lame. Besides it can definitely push a trend of using animals to come out with useless vids like this just to score ilikes on youtube. I'm sure selfish nerds who get hot for the next NU thing dont get it, so wrapped in their nerdiness as they are.