Have You Ever Considered That You're Pooping Wrong?

The horribly named Squatty Potty is designed to bring you back to a more natural pooping stance.

It turns out that Western civilization has been pooping wrong for generations. According to scientists at the Stanford University Pelvic Floor Clinic, we're meant to squat, not sit (which makes sense if you think about our ancestors' bathroom habits).

Squatting relaxes your muscles in just the right way to create optimal inner plumbing movement and can potentially combat some pretty serious diseases like Colitis and Colon Cancer. Now you can poop right with Squatty Potty, a step stool that allows you to sit on the toilet with perfect squat posture. Despite being full of water-plopping sound effects, the ad is pretty convincing. Perhaps an unsightly plastic thing is a small price to pay for happy bowels?

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  • Farshad Abdollah-nia

    Traditionaly people have been squatting on their legs before toilet seats were invented and adopted widely in western countires. Squatting is how we have evolved to do it, it's scientifically shown to be healthier today, and of course if you used some water to wash your butt instead of wiping with paper that be even cleaner and would save hundreds of thousands of trees each year.

  • Anthony Reardon

    Just a quick note. Squatty Potty has gotten some favorable PR exposure from Howard Stern and TMZ.

  • ideasRiot

    Simply sitting on your legs (as called squatting) will serve the purpose. Why, so much gadgets, accessories and dependence on equipment designs. Nature has provided so much inspiration for us.

  • eemersox

    You can use a cement block. Anything that get yer feet higher. You can even squat on the toilet - that will work anywhere. In public toilets your feet won't show and that might confuse the nosy person who peers under the door.

  • Imran

    I was presented with a toilet seat barely an inch off the floor and a water hose activated by a squeezable handle

  • John

    I was first exposed to this in Saudi Arabia while installing a computer system. Going into the bathroom, I was presented with a toilet seat barely an inch off the floor and a water hose activated by a squeezable handle. It took a few times and I realized I did relief myself more easily and you get used to using the hose without drenching your clothes. I came away thinking that both for health and conservation reasons, this was a better solution than what I had always considered to be the universal standard.

  • Michael

    Evolution will take care of this. Those people who have a puborectalis muscle that doesn't fully relax while sitting will get colon cancer, and not pass on that gene. Just give it time.