Rick Perry Leaves Trail Of Death: Politicians Who Deny Climate Change Get A Meteorological Shaming

Forget Sandy and Katrina. Marco Rubio and John Boehner are going to rain destruction upon us all.

If your name is Sandy, Katrina, Andrew, or Ivan, then you’re probably not a fan of the World Meteorological Organization’s policy of naming extreme storms after people. These individuals did nothing wrong and yet they must hear their names cursed for generations to come.

The organization 350 Action and agency Barton F. Graf 9000 are proposing a Climate Name Change—a new system of identifying storms by the names of climate change deniers. Now it’s "Michelle Bachman" that’s ravaging the Florida coast, "Rick Perry" that’s led to the deaths of thousands of stranded animals, and John Boehner who has proved to be one of the costliest environmental disasters in American history. As the video below advises, you’d better sign the Climate Name Change petition ASAP "before John Boehner blows your entire city away."

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  • boyinthebarrel

    Being an advertising creative in New York, and knowing Gerry Graf's offbeat style,  

  • Ben Vincent

    Almost eight years since the last major hurricane (Cat 3 or higher) has hit the US (new record and still growing). Very quiet start to this years hurricane season. Last Cat 5 hurricane to hit the US was Andrew in 1992. One of the quietest years in regards to tornadoes. 2012 set a new record for the fewest July tornadoes. Antarctic still gaining ice. Arctic is now gaining ice. Danish Meteorology Institute reported that above 80N the Arctic has had below normal temps the entire summer.
    Recent studies report that because of the increase in atmospheric CO2 last years drought had less effect on crops than the drought of the 1930s. Another shows that Redwood trees are growing faster with more CO2.
    There were more violent tornadoes and more hurricanes during the cooler decades of the 50s, 60s and 70s than during the warmer 80s, 90s and 2000s.

    But history, data, records, facts and truth do not appear to be of interest to many.

  • Malafactor

    I thought this was a site about business and innovation not shameless plugging for ones politics. 

  • CJ

    Plastic people in a plastic free world
    "Oh, baby, now you’re such a drag" Frank Zappa

    The belief that government has god like power to change the climate by "skyrocketing" energy costs the poor cannot afford to pay for is morally indefensible.

    Higher Energy Costs = More Poor People = More Children Dying

    Government control over our energy resources attract corruption like magnets. http://greencorruption.blogspo... Green energy requires tax payer subsidies to exist, is wasteful and fail to deliver on their promises of being a viable replacement for fossil fuel.

    You could say that windmills and government are one and the same with the same performance, with a few insiders getting rich at the direct expense of the many. But that is what the renewable fraud was all about, it was a way of siphoning off public monies to a few looters and profiteers.

    In the mean time the CO2 Climate Change Theory justifying all this looting of the peoples' money are based on Climate models that have no relationship to reality.

    “When the climate models do not agree with the reality”, Vahrenholt thundered, “then reality is not what’s false!”