Horror Film Fest Advertises By Invading Members' Homes

The ads are coming from inside your house.

To advertise the ELMSTA 3000 Horror Film Festival, Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden devised a campaign to freak the f*ck out of festivalgoers. Each festival member received a text message with an image of his or her house, followed half an hour later by a second text with their name and the words, "We’re waiting for you. In your living room." The prank amped up from there, culminating in the big reveal: Victims were asked to "text 'I am dead meat’ to confirm their participation.

Talk about creating anticipation--and angst. According to the case study video, members found the messages deliciously terrifying and panic-inducing, though one assumes some of them may not have been so amused. And that night, most of them probably slept with the lights on.

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