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After Leaving SNL, Bill Hader Jumps To T-Mobile

A series of ads for T-Mobile’s new Jump program harnesses the estimable comedic talents of Bill Hader.

T-Mobile’s hottest spokesman is Bill Hader.

Now that Hader’s left SNL and Stefon behind, he’s surfaced in a series of ads for the communications giant and its Jump program.

Created by T-Mobile with agency Publicis and brand consultancy Prophet, the campaign features Hader as an inept phone-user—always either out of battery life, dropping a phone in water, or otherwise incapable of maintaining a connection. Enter T-Mobile with its new Jump program, which allows users to get a brand spanking new phone up to twice a year, rather than the standard two-year waiting plan.

See Hader demonstrate the need for such a plan, goofily, in the videos above, directed by Adam & Dave from production company Arts & Sciences.

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