Things Get Bloody When Kanye West Goes "Psycho"

On the release day of his sixth album Yeezus, Kanye West also released a promo with an homage to a famous bloody scene from American Psycho.

By now, you will be aware of Kanye West’s ego. If the only thing you knew about the man was that his latest album conflates his name with that of Jesus Christ, it would probably suffice. Yet there’s so much more. Even he probably would have the decency, though, to refrain from starring in a television show about being super rich and using the word "lord" to describe himself twice in the title. Leave that to Scott Disick, who stars in a short video to promote the sacrilegious Yeezus, .

The lead-up to Kanye’s new album has been one carefully orchestrated event after another, featuring simultaneous projections of new songs on buildings in cities around the world--some of which he reportedly watched in person from a nearby van. The eccentric rapper and producer actually conducted this projection gimmick again over Father’s Day weekend, this time with snippets of a promo video for Yeezus, which would be released the following Tuesday, June 18. Now, both the album and the video have arrived. (Technically, the album arrived on Friday with a high-profile leak that dominated Twitter for much of the weekend.)

The video stars Kardashian affiliate Scott Disick, inhabiting a role made famous by Christian Bale in the film American Psycho. In the original scene, Bale’s Patrick Bateman delivers a monologue on the merits of Huey Lewis and the News to a sloshed Jared Leto, just before destroying him with an ax. Disick’s game show announcer tone mimics Bale’s well enough, only here, instead of talking about Huey Lewis and the News, he is talking about Kanye West. (Just like the rest of us right now.)

Watch the video below.

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