See How a Few Artfully Placed Rubber Bands Can Turn You Into A Monster

The artist who brought us last year’s scotch-tape facial makeovers is back with a similar project involving rubber bands. It’s not pretty.

Ordinarily, rubber bands are used for keeping things together. When applied to a person’s face, though, they cause the underlying facial structure to fall apart, as one photographer proved recently.

Wes Naman has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for gritty makeovers involving adhesives. Last year, he turned heads by keeping faces really still with the Scotch Tape Series--which he spoke about with Co.Create. Now he’s bounced back in a similar mode to show off the elasticity of the human face using rubber bands.

When squished by intersecting rubber lines, a person’s face tends to bunch out in pockets, turn in on itself, and just look generally warped into something that’s borderline alien. Although the results are as cartoonish and painful-looking as the previous project, this time around, Naman has a theme. He only shot musicians, each one dressed in a band T-shirt--punning on the second word in rubber bands. Here’s hoping his next project doesn’t involve paper clips.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video about the rubber-band project below.

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