Two People, One Can: Coke's New Can Lets You Twist and Share

A Coca-Cola experiment makes two cute cans out of one.

Coca-Cola marketing has long centered around various ways of sharing the soft drink, and by extension, happiness. Recently, the company created a vending machine that allowed Indians and Pakistanis to communicate with each other. In Europe, Coke is allowing customers to write the names of friends and family members on virtual cans in the company font. Now Coke has created a can for two: a regular-size Coke that twists apart into two small cans so you can share with a friend.

The campaign was a collaboration between Ogilvy & Mather’s Singapore and French outfits with can design by the French team of Martin Olivier and Olivier Brechon. The mini sodas are pretty cute—and could be a great solution to all the oversize soft drinks we’re consuming. According to an agency spokesperson, the cans aren’t being sold in machines; they were available in limited quantity during a trial stage via a "happiness truck" in Singapore.

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  • onsax

    Observe how Hideawayjay fails to understand that this venue is not a chess game. Everything he does displays a sad lack of intelligence.

  • onsax

    Hideawayjay will appear much smarter if he stops pretending that he has any intelligence at all.

  • onsax

    Looks like Hideawayjay is hiding away a lot of idiotic assumptions about what Coke will or will not do. Must be that "Hideaway" is meant to be descriptive of his flawed thought process and his naivete. Anyone who even thinks that Coke will take "a bit of a financial hit" is truly out of his mind, or just ignorant. Indeed, the commenter has been hiding away in a little place where he has not even remotely thought things through before he has commented. And yet he blames that sort of thing on others.

  • Hideawayjay

    Goodness!  That's twice you have shown your ineptitude at logical thought.  You'll appear much smarter if you stop responding.

  • onsax

    What an idiotic waste. Why doesn't Coke just sink a lot more aluminum packaging into every single thing they do? On top of that, this is a monumentally stupid article.

  • Hideawayjay

    What an idiotic comment!  If two people each buy a regular Coke in a can, it will use almost two times more aluminum than this novel 2-in-1 can does.  Also, unless Coke raises the price on the product radically above normal cans, they will receive less revenue per consumer.  Looks to me like Coke is acting very responsibly and taking a bit of a financial hit to boot.  Monumentally stupid = those who comment before they think things through!

  • Jibby

    But ppl would prefer buying a can for each due to its more consumable amount but buying a two in one can that'd be less to consume for a person, yes it does save the aluminum but would it still be satisfying to share half the amount of the original can? but don't get me wrong I'm not against this two in one coke can, its just marketing strategy where ppl are curious to check new things out thus they it could get successful but the two in one can wont last for long, ppl will still prefer consuming the original coke can, but who knows I might just be blabbering nonsense. But its still amazing that you can twist the can to share, its brilliant to come up with an idea such as this.

  • Seni

    Is this a secret ploy to get us to drink less coke while still spending the same amount on it?