Never Show A Wolf Your Teeth, And More Illustrated Advice For When Animals Attack

Hip health blog Hella Wella has created an illustrated survival guide that might make you laugh while saving your life.

Although far less fearsome when they wear clothes, plenty of wild animals have the capacity to kill. While likely to be dispatched by razor-sharp claws or rows of bone-shredding teeth, humans who wander into the domain of apex predators can also be victims of their own lack of information. Now, the health and wellness blog Hella Wella is trying to drive that problem into extinction.

Hella Wella is mostly known for offering remedies and recipes, not teaching survivalism, but staying healthy sometimes involves a manic, instantaneous decision, rather than a series of smart health choices over the course of one’s life. Advice on dodging deadly critters fits neatly into their jurisdiction. Each animal covered in the survival guide is rated with a danger level, along with a listing of some preventative ideas on avoiding attack, and how to come out of one intact. Best of all, the advice is doled out in the cheeky style of the website, so that users might find themselves laughing while tucking away some info that may potentially help them survive.

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  • Danshaw4

    The title asks: Freeze or flee? You forgot the most important part---refuse to be a victim and defend yourself. (A philosophy that works well in the city, too.) Large-caliber handguns make an excellent safety tool when you're out in the woods. Not to go out just shooting things for fun, but to make sure you don't become something's dinner. But then, that's not all touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy, is it? Nope. Just multiple decades of spending lots of time in the woods.