See Twitter's Bigotry Hot Spots With The "Hate Map"

Looking at you, Virginia.

A team of researchers at California’s Humboldt State University have produced a visual representation to show where the most hateful, bigoted speech on Twitter originates. The Geography of Hate shows which regions in the United States produce the most homophobic, racist, and anti-disability Twitter traffic. You can search the country by specific slurs, none of which we want to print here.

According to the MIT Technology Review, the researchers used an algorithm to develop the map but had actual people review 150,000 tweets to ensure that the slurs were truly being used in a derogatory context. The Midwest and Southeast don’t come off great, though as far as haters go, Alabama tweeters aren’t nearly as bad as Iowans.

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  • Tara DeMarco

    This would be more insightful if they could calculate racist tweets as a percentage of all tweets. The densely populated areas have more tweets in general, so they're going to have a larger number of racist tweets. 

  • Paul Greenspan

     the researchers normalized the results by number of Tweets, so they should not have bias based on population or tweet density

  • mmorlan62

    An interesting infographic and certainly informs me where I would prefer
    not to live.  It's a little misleading, however, at the macro level. 
    Zoom in to the interactive map to discover the hotspots are smaller than
    they appear at the nation-wide level.