Glad Encourages Festival Cleanup And Camping With Same Device

Glad makes giant trash bags into handy festival sleeping accommodations, and vice versa.

Music festival attendees love to crash at campsites, but many don’t realize how much trash will be generated and left behind when the music stops and it’s time to go home. Glad kept this concept in mind in a campaign for its ForceFlex bags that launched at the SXSW 2013 music festival and aimed to highlight the company’s environmentally friendly efforts.

The concept, by Miami-based advertising agency Alma, involved fashioning one-person tents out of Glad ForceFlex bags and distributing them to campers on condition they use the tents as garbage receptacles at the end of the festival for all of their generated waste.

Glad said the tents received a positive response at SXSW, but with numerous music festivals lined up around the nation throughout the summer, it will be interesting to see how many Glad tents are used and if they help reduce the amount of waste left behind (and, indeed, the amount of sheer stuff generated—these are giant plastic bags, after all).

Previous Glad efforts focused on reducing and recycling waste, but this is the first time Glad has toyed with the reuse theme. While the campaign allowed for connecting with existing Glad customers, one main goal was to help the brand connect with a younger demographic, hence the association with music festivals.

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  • Pschreiber

    Hey: this idea needs to be implemented as homeless shelters. I live here in Hawaii and shelter for a homeless person can be the difference between having a life and misery. Can you tell me where I can purchase a few dozen so I can distribute them as a pilot project? No I don't have a Masters in sociology, but I do have friends who need access to this technology. And if you can, can you make the tents in your (glad) green? You can contact me via Thanks and I hope this grows legs. Paul Schreiber: Painter

  • Guest

    Not sure what problem this really addresses.Picking up trash isn't really the same as reducing waste.On the bright side, festivals now have to hire less clean-up staff.

  • Jilln

     In the festival aftermath photos, some of the waste shown are tents left behind, or, waste.  This would replace some of the wasted tents.  It's not ideal, but it's a place to start.

  • Amy Bibbings

    Yeah, I think they could go back to the drawing board and work a little more on the 'reduce' thing first. Chances are, most of those trash bag tents will be only partially full, meaning that EXTRA plastic will be going into a landfill.