Take This Online Eye Test—The Results May Surprise You

A Canadian hearing center pulls a sensory bait and switch.

Before we spoil it, test out the strength of your vision with this video:

So how are your ears? This is the latest creative ploy by the Canadian Union Hearing Aid Center to convince people to get their hearing checked.

Agency DraftFCB Toronto designed the new hearing test ads. The video version is above and the print version is on display in Toronto’s West End. The poster emits the high-frequency squeal as pedestrians walk by.

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  • jumbybird

    What does it mean if I only heard it after they told me that they were playing an annoying sound?

  • pametnjakovich

    It means that you was focused on the letters so you didn't pay attention on the sound :)

  • SEM

    I think this is a great way to raise awareness for hearing loss. Most people have routine eye exams but few give the same attention to their ears. Everyone regardless of hearing should consider a hearing test once they are 40 or over.

  • Rob

    I tried this with a crappy set of headphones at work, and was dismayed to find out I hadn't heard the sound (since I've tested very well in audio tests in the past).  But I tried it again at home with a Logitech USB headset and the damn noise was so loud it made my eyes water.

    While I think raising awareness for hearing is important, using a tool like this that doesn't work on the cheap audio hardware that's kind of standard in offices and homes where people don't splurge on gear is kind of sketcy.

    BTW, as for the age thing, I'm 40 and could hear it loud and clear.

  • Glen1234r

    Thought I had forgotten to take my anti-depressant today... good thing I watched it to the end or I would of taken another pill lol.

  • Ameer Gittens

    Ok, so you don't hear the sound.  What's the point in getting *another* hearing test? Can they fix the problem so that I can be annoyed by the sound, next time?

  • Joe

    I couldn't hear it at any volume level. I am too am in my 40's. As the other poster says, this has to due to with a frequency range only young ears can detect. It does not mean I need to rush out and get my ears checked. 

  • ale di gangi

    Sorry - I'm 47 and I could be *very much* be bothered by the sound (I thought it was there for a real purpose since second 1). It's nothing to do with young ears :)

  • Derrick Glander

    I didn't hear it with my sennheisers hooked to the headphone jack in my TV, but immediately heard it with my ATH-AD700's hooked to my Sound Blaster Z sound card. Interesting observation. 

  • Lonnie

    Well that has me relieved, I hit play and immediately paused it because it hurt my ears.. almost thought something was wrong with the video because of the loud high pitched noise.. 

  • uncoveror

    I turned my speakers up and watched it again. I heard it the second time, but just barely. Since I am 43, I am not surprised.

  • Christian

    Glad I waited until AFTER the video to complain about the screeching and laugh at their video-making skills.

  • jamloss

     I didn't either. So I listened to it AGAIN, and now my ears are ringing. Didn't hear it the second time either...