Infographic: Majority Of Earth’s Population Resides In This One Relatively Small Circle

A redditor points out on a map projection of the world that an area encompassing a big chunk of Asia contains over half of Earth’s population.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most dramatic. Take this circle, for example.

As redditor valeriepieris points out in a map projection that depicts the world flatly (a Winkel Tripel projection), over half of the world’s population fits into a relatively tiny circle. The simple visualization seems unbelievable at first--especially considering how much Pacific and Indian Ocean are also contained inside the circle, along with China and Japan--but the numbers seem to add up.

A commenter on Reddit put together population figures from the countries within this area on the map, and their numbers total more than 3.5 billion.

•China pop: 1.34 bil
•India pop: 1.24 bil
•Indonesia pop: 0.24 bil
•Japan pop: 0.13 bil
•Thailand pop: 0.07 bil
•Bangladesh pop: 0.15 bil
•Pakistan pop: 0.18 bil
•Malaysia pop: 0.03 bil
•Philippines pop: 0.094 bil
•South Korea pop: 0.05 bil

Perhaps Disney World should consider amending its signature song to “It’s a Small World After All, But Especially If You Live In Southeast Asia.”

H/t to io9

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  • EJ

    I am curious the diameter of the circle and if it matches the diameter of the moon (2159 miles). Would make for a fascinating geometric coincidence (no pun intended).

  • Helen

    So you see a reddit post, like the point, repost the graphic and details, and add a comment at the bottom.  Is that the gist of this bit?  Interesting.
    The only thing original added was a comment on Disneyland.