These Are Great Warriors Oot Here Tonight: Got Your Soul-Stirring Hockey Video Right Here

Welcome to the play-offs.

As you are no doubt aware, the Stanley Cup playoffs are under way, with game one between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals and the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators on tonight. If that doesn’t make you sufficiently excited, take a look at this play-offs kickoff video from Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster, the CBC.

This video has everything—fights, big men crying, Stanley Cup hoisting, fights, fan jubilation, shredded ice…fights. And Baba O’Riley, of course—the stirring track that provides the somewhat predictable yet perfect accompaniment to the on-ice action.

Even if you don’t watch hockey, it’s worth a look for the vintage footage. And fights.

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  • adamthebrave

    This video is incredible! CBC are the absolute tops for this kind of thing! 60 years in the business, they definitely know what they're doing. GO LEAFS GO!!!

  • joemichaels

    I used to love hockey. It was right up there with faith, family and country. But the owners and the league ruined the sport in North America by locking out the players. Haven't watched a game all (half) year. Turned on the playoffs the other night...and 10 minutes later shut off the TV. I'm sad. I miss my friend. But...I guess we're just not friends anymore.